gregory porter in zurich 2017

Gregory Porter, absolute legend. Blew me away tonight

Last Saturday I had the absolute priviledge to watch Gregory Porter live in concert. Porter is one of Jazz’ finest vocalist of this day and age. The last few years, Gregory Porter has been one on my favorite vocalist – I must have heard “Be Good” and “Liquid Spirit” a few hundred times (so far – thanks Spotify).

I have to say: his flawless, deep, soulful baritone voice really gets to you. I have not heard anything like it and surely not live on stage. Mr. Porter makes singing look so easy. He uses his voice as an instrument like nobody else. It is no wonder to me that in 2014 he was awarded a grammy award in the category best Jazz Vocal Album for his brilliant album “Liquid Spirit”.

Long story short: Thank you Gregory Porter for stopping by in Zürich. You are a true source of inspiration.

Gregory Porter - Tonhalle Zürich (April 2017)

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