Slack integration with Office 365 one more step toward total enterprise integration

It’s interesting to see how Microsoft has embraced Slack. Of course everyone at Microsoft knows that Slack is more than just the new kid on the block; Slack have taken the world of business communication by storm in the last two-three years.

However, I still did not think MS would jump on the bandwagon that quickly and really support Slack. The thing is, Microsoft have their own messenger product “Teams”; a direct Slack competitor.

It could very well be that they have started to explore the possibilities of Slack more in-depth. Who knows, they might even aspire to integrate Slack into their own portfolio of products at some point in the future. It would not be cheap, but at this point in time still affordable enough for them to go for it.


The only Office Product I really use is MS-Office Excel. All other Office 365 products have sort of become obsolete in my daily-doing. Yet, thousands of enterprises use Word, PowerPoint and Sharepoint services on a daily basis. A Slack integration, just makes sense.

Furthermore, it is potentially a new way to attract new customers, too. The easier it is to share MS-Office Files, the more they essentially will be.

The integration probably won’t change much to my workflow, but it is a welcome addition to the Slack-Suite of options.

Slack’s goal of integrating enterprise tools in the chat interface has been a major differentiator from the giant companies it’s competing with like Microsoft and Facebook. Last year, it bought Astro , specifically with the goal of integrating enterprise productivity tools inside Slack, and today it announced new integrations with Microsoft OneDrive and Outlook.

Source: Slack integration with Office 365 one more step toward total enterprise integration

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