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What are Earth 2 Leaderboards

Earth 2 has gone into it’s first phase: claim land. Tiles are 10×10 meter pieces of land on the Earth 2 globe. Anyone with a PayPal account can acquire up to 750 tiles and claim their piece of the map. Players can buy, sell and trade their tiles with others on the platform. The best players show up on the Leaderboards. If you want to get on there too, I will show you how they work.

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The leaderboards show which players have invested most in their tiles and essentially who own the most prime real estate of Earth 2’s digital commodity.

The Leaderboards in Earth 2, are not related to the value your land has virtually changed by. Currently, it is not a reflection of the tile’s market value, but only of the USD-amount that has been invested by the players. However, those who claimed the land first, and were lucky enough to own Class 1 or 2 real estate, have potentially gained credits by selling their real estate to others at a premium.

Leaderboard Top Players by Credits, Jan 22 2021

A leaderboard reflects the credits a player has gained or lost from trading their tiles.

In the long run, phase 2 and 3 of Earth 2’s vision, these credits will allow the owners to buy commodities and build (something) in the Earth 2 digital world. Phase 2 will commence in the first half of 2021.

How many tiles can you own

To create an even playing field, each “investor” can buy up to 750 tiles. However, as you can see on the Top Leaderboard in Switzerland below, some players own a few more. This is due to the taxes they have collected on their existing tiles, that have allowed them to purchase more real estate.

Class 1 pieces of land gain the highest amount of taxes, Class 2 the second highest and Class 3 the lowest. As time progresses, these land / property taxes will become an essential element of the game. Those who own the best (Class 1) pieces of land, are able to buy and build more quickly than others; essentially raise their net worth and gain places on the Leaderboards.

Leaderboard Switzerland by Tiles, Jan 22 2021

Which countries are on top of the Leaderboard

There are Leaderboards for players, as well as countries. This board shows how many credits are owned by investors in a given country. The USA, Italy and Germany (their inhabitants) are the most heavily invested in Earth 2, and/or own the most significant portion of the land in the game.

Whether or not this will play a role in the future, we don’t know. I personally hope, that the country views are just there for reference and to show that the game is widely accepted throughout the world. And it would be great if the creators could keep country politics out of it.

Top Countries on the Leaderboard, Jan 22 2021

How you can get on the leaderboards

If you would like to climb the ranks and get on the leaderboards, the first thing you need to do is invest in Phase 1 of the project. By buying (some) tiles, you will be in the database and can start to sell and trade.

  1. Buy tiles
  2. Put your tiles up for offer on the Marketplace
  3. Sell and trade tiles to gain traction
  4. Ultimately, continue to re-invest your credits in high quality (Class 1, 2) land
  5. Reinvest the taxes you collect on your land in new tiles

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There is not much more you can do right now to get on the leaderboards. Just make sure that you don’t invest any money you cannot afford to lose. As with any new game and digital commodity, it is uncertain how the platform will progress. However, I firmly believe that this is one of the most exciting digital commodity concepts out there. The team behind Earth 2 is made of seasoned game experts. I cannot wait for phase two of the role out and to see the game unfold.

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