Earth 2 E$ credit update

Earth 2: E$ credits, a new digital currency?

Earth 2 is an increasingly popular platform that is essentially a second, virtual version of the world we live in. In the last couple of weeks, the investments in Phase 1 („buy land“) have soared. In many countries, the value of new property has increased by 50-100%. All currency in the game are in US Dollars. But is this about to change? A recent update to the credit system, used to buy and sell land, has changed the credit value from a mere $ sign, to E$.

What is behind the mysterious change to E$-credits? Do the developers want to transition away from USD altogether?

One plausible reason for the change could be that the makers are looking to launch their own digital coin. A cryptocurrency could make the platform interesting, but also more difficult to compare/trade.

Are E$ a crypto currency

On the guest homepage of Earth 2 ( there is a small, yet distinct notification: „The Earth 2 in game credit is represented by E$, nothing else has changed.“ When you log in to your user account, you will see that the value of your credits has been changed to E$, as well. That is the only noticeable change that I have been able to find so far.

Investments in dollars are still valued as dollars, but with the simple addition of a capital E in front. As it stands today, the E$s in Earth 2 are not a crypto currency. However, as the platform is moving over to a digital credit system, instead of a dollar system, this could soon be the case.

E$s in Earth 2 are not a crypto currency

The rational behind a move towards a crypto currency setup, would make sense. Credits are granted to players who own land; land taxes are one way to gain more credits over time. These credits could be seen as a 1-1 dollar value, but in fact, they are not.

Will USD disappear from the game

I doubt that the USD will disappear entirely from the game. Dollars are a way to clarify the worth of tiles and the investment makes it easy to compare to other „investments“, in the real world that is. When an increase in tile-value is directly correlated to an increase in the dollar value, the user feels that he is holding on to a sizable portfolio of goods.

Credits take financial emotions, and motive out of the game.

A credit system can be a powerful tool. Discounts on tiles, transaction fees and the trading of goods is easier in a virtual currency, than a real one. Maybe one of the reasons for the switch would be to stay away from the IRS, or any other global tax collector. Investments in games and credits are not viewed as investments, or liabilities. Using E$ as a currency, could do the trick.

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