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Earth 2 land classes, explained

Earth 2 has entered its first phase titled “buy land”. The concept is simple, “before” the game starts and new phases are rolled out, the virtual second earth is divided up into 10×10 meter tile pieces. All players / investors can purchase tiles. right now. Each tile is assigned a Class from 1 to 4. This class can become very important in the future. On discord and reddit, users have been contemplating what the Class could be used for. Here is what we know so far.

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FAQs on Earth 2 land classes

How are land classes determined

The class of land you own is determined by the number of tiles sold in a particular country. Early investors and believers in the game who purchase tiles early, are rewarded Class 1 tiles. The more tiles that are sold in a particular country, the higher the class.

Can the land class change over time

No, when you have purchased a piece of land that is now a class 2 tile, it cannot become a class 1 tile over time. The class is only linked to the time of purchase, not the land development.

Are only class 1 tiles valuable

Most probably not, since there is no correlation between the location of a tile and the class. You could own a piece of land on 5th Avenue in New York City, a densely populated area with a large potential for advertising and property tax, that still might be worth more, than owning a piece of class 1 land in the middle of nowhere.

What does the class determine

The ONLY difference in Class 1, 2 and 3 is the Periodic Credit they may receive for that country. Class 1 will generate the most, Class 2 a little less and Class 3 a little less again – Class 4 may also generate some Periodic Credit.
That is the ONLY difference! All other land bought in any class will have the same rights and abilities as all classes when it comes to generating resources, building, Terraforming and more so there will still be great values on owning any class of land, Classes 1, 2 and 3 will just give you a little more return over time.

How many class 1 tiles are there in a country

The game developers do not want to disclose this information. On discord it has been said that the first 100.000 tiles in a country are sold as class 1, then the next 100.000 class 2, and so on. This has not been confirmed by the game makers in their FAQs though.

How much periodic credit does each class get

Our understanding so far, is that it depends on the country, the number of players in that country and at what price the property is traded. What can be said, is that the pay out of game credits happens when the periodic credit increase is at least E$0.01.

Does it matter where I own a class 1 tile

A Class 1 tile is a Class 1 tile, no matter where it is inside that country. The geographical location is irrelevant in Earth 2 as far as the Class of tile is concerned.

Do I get periodic credit for all classes of land

Yes, each land class gets periodic credits. However, the lower land classes get more. Class 1 gets more than class 2, class 2 more than 3 and so on. What can be said is that regardless of your class, you will be credited with new E$, from time to time.

Should I buy land when there are no Class 1, 2 and 3 available

Absolutely, it’s still early days. Sure, your land might not get the highest periodic credits when it’s a higher class number, but that does not mean it is less valuable, per se. The location is very important. Furthermore, phase two is about to roll out and might change the game completely. In the second phase of the game, (natural) resources will be released and distributed across the earth 2 surface. We believe this will be done regardless of land class, at random.

How much of each land class should I own

You can only purchase up to 750 tiles. Hence, there is a natural limit to what you can buy. Whether you decide to invest your E$ in new countries, with a low number of players and hence more Class 1 and 2 property pieces, or in the more established communities, is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong here at this point.

Where can I see what land class I own

Have a look at your transaction history (top right hand corner drop down menu) and click on the overview of one of your properties. Here you will find the Land Class (in this case 3), the purchase value and the current market value of the property.

Earth 2 class and value

I hope this post helped you understand how Earth 2 works a little better. I will continue to update the FAQs as the game progresses. If you would like to support me and the community, and do yourself a favor, too, please use my referral code when you purchase a piece of land. We will both be credited with 5% in additional E$s.

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