Earth 2 terrain video reveals a whole new dimension

It‘s been three months since the Earth 2 developers brought out their first video. Today, we were treated to a sneak preview of what the Earth 2 terrain might look like. For many users these updates are what keep their faith alive in the longevity of the game. One of the main critiques of the game, so far, has been that whereas the platform vision sounds appealing, the first version is far from visually pleasing.

This video should „set the record straight,“ and convince early investors and believers in the game, that there will be more to come.

Earth 2 Terrain Video (YouTube Feb 16 2021)

What does the Earth 2 world look like

The virtual Earth 2 world is said to resemble our own planet earth. Buildings and the terrain will (most probably) look similar to the world we live in; that is, at least what the terrain is concerned.

What the world in E2 will look like, remains to be seen. We will have to wait until Phase 3 to see the world in it‘s entire beauty. The game developers state in the text underneath the YouTube video: „So here it is: uninterrupted in-game footage showcasing the E2 Engine for the first time and a taste of the quality that users can expect in Phase 3.“

And on top of that: „What we show in the video is only the beginning, but it clearly demonstrates just how advanced the Earth 2 Phase 3 development is at.“

„Earth 2 will have the approximate look of Earth 1 (our planet earth) with many biomes like grassland, forest, tropical, desert, tundra, marine, etc.„

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Are the developers trying to justify themselves

The video is a good step in the right direction. However, when we read through the video description, it sounds as though the developer are trying to „save their hides.“ The makers appear to acknowledge that the current version is anything but well designed; a far cry from what the team promises.

I am not sure that the text underneath the video was really necessary. Why would they have to try and sell the world to us? To be honest, I don’t really know if most users would not be happy already, if the current marketplace would simply be improved. The game is interesting enough as it is, but it needs some usability tweaks.

Whereas most of the game play revolves around buying and selling property, this video is far away from that. A vision of what might be to come is interesting, but might not fare well with the core first user community. Nevertheless, it could also be the trigger that gets new users on board.

The land prices will show us if this video was enough – and hit the right notes.

What will happen to land prices

I think that this is a positive message from the development team. Even-though it is clearly something to keep us happy, and the team addresses challenges (human resources, and development) it also shows a long term vision.

If you want my opinion: Land prices will most certainly go up in the days to follow. This is a good day to join the platform and give it a shot for yourself. Want to find out how it works: just go to pick out some tiles (10×10 meter square pieces of land on the map) and try to buy some. Prices start to only a few cents (0.50-3.50 USD for most land). The most expensive pieces of land cost >40 USD. You can also purchase some land on the marketplace, of course.

The team shows that they are in it for the long run and invest their resources in a beautifully crafted game world. I think that this will have a very positive effect on the number of new players. And, new players = an increase in land prices. The more land that is bought in a particular country, the higher the price of new tiles.

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Best, Remco

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