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Earth 2 means business with new commercial ad options (beta program)

Earth 2 has entered its second phase of the platform. After an exciting start in 2020, the “game” has become more versatile. Just two weeks ago, we were presented with a beautiful video of what the Earth 2 engine is capable of. However, it will take a good number of steps in between, to get us there.

For now, the interactions on the platform are limited to buying and selling tiles. A tile is a 10×10 meter piece of land on the virtual map. Yet, this might be about to change with the introduction of commercials. Some (if not all by now) users have been offered to sign up for the beta program, in which they can run ads on their property.

How to create ads on Earth 2

When you are logged in to E2, you can zoom in to the tiles level. When you are eligible, you will be shown where you can place your advert. As far as I have understood it so far, you can only place your advert on your own tiles, though.

Earth 2 adverts layout
Place your advert here

Click on the “Your Advert Here” and you will be taken to a Typeform page. Here you can fill out your details and apply to be the first to place your ads on Earth 2. I have personally applied for the next stage, but have not received an update from the Earth 2 team. However, a quick email did confirm my application. I will keep you posted as soon as I have access to more infos.

Step by step process to apply to run ads on E2

Monetization just got a whole lot more interesting

The E2 game has been very much focussed on buying land, so far. The market place is live, but the number of transactions are still fairly low. If you are looking to make money with your tiles, you might have to wait for the game to develop. It is still very much early days and being a first mover, can be valuable.

The possibility to advertise on the platform adds a new dimension, though. This might just be what companies and brands have been looking for. Furthermore, it could give users the possibility to offer their land to others, for a price. Quite possibly it will be the case in the future, that when you would like to run an ad on a certain tile (or group of tiles) you can pay other users to run the ad.

This is an exciting step for the platform. It does seem like a “quick and dirty” option, though. Some questions that I have:

  1. Why did the developers decide to use Typeform, instead of integrating it in the user profiles
  2. Will there be a link between the user who owns the tiles and the advertiser
  3. What will it cost to advertise on “my own” tiles
  4. Why isn’t it possible to promote goods and services on someone else’s tiles
  5. … And much more…

I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hope you are enjoying Earth 2, though. I firmly believe that this platform will be going places. And we are just at the beginning of an exciting journey.

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