Take it from an entrepreneur

In this blog series on Entrepreneurship, I share my experience, thoughts, tips, and tricks on starting your own venture.

In the mid-2000’s, I started my first venture. Over 15 years later, I have not have a corporate job, yet. Entrepreneurship is part of who I am, it is a way of living and a large part of who I am.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone, though. Therefore, I share regular insights on my personal blog regarding entrepreneurship. The thoughts and ideas I share are not necessarily technical, but give you a good view of the struggles and challenges you might face when starting and running your own business.

The personal entrepreneur

Every personal has their own management style and ways of working – so do I. There are moments in which I wish I would have done things differently. There are times I realize, being an entrepreneur is not all cool and great.

I want to share these personal experiences, too. It is important to me to share a true, honest and open insights into my daily work,- and life. You will find that some of these articles are therefore direct and personal.

Looking for quick wins, move along

Sustainable business ideas are the ones that interest me most. To me, entrepreneurship is a life long marathon and I am not looking for a quick way out.

If you are looking for “get rich fast” -tips and tricks, you can stop reading right now and move it right along. That is not the type of content you will find on my blog.

Want to find out what the life of a CEO looks like that runs a digital strategy consulting with offices in two countries and international clients, then continue reading and let me know what you think.

I hope these words will help you understand my daily routines and life a little better. Next to that you might even feel empowered to start your own business.

Best Remco

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