Collection of personal posts, by Remco Livain

Some content is personal and worth sharing. I believe that sharing knowledge and thoughts is what makes our interpersonal experiences worthwhile.

Thus, this collection of thoughts are both a conversation opener and a way for me to share insights with you.

This collection of blog posts is not structured in any way or form. They might merely reflect my “mood of the day,” but they have all been written by me, personally.

Blogging helps me clear my mind

I was never the best writer. Yet, I have learned to love bringing my thoughts to paper. My blog is one of my vents. It helps me clear my mind and “talk” about things that keep preoccupy my mind.

As these are personal posts, I hope you will understand and respect the fact that not every single line of text was double checked. I like my writing style to be direct, personal and uncomplicated. I feel it is best to write things down once, and let the words speak for themselves.

Personal, not academic

This collection of personal blog posts by Remco Livain are a great start if you would like to get to know me. Each post shows another aspect of me and my personality.

That also means that these posts have NOT been researched extensively. They reflect my opinion, and nothing more. I hope you’ll enjoy the read.

Best Remco

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