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GANDT Ventures

About GANDT Ventures

GANDT Ventures is a digital consulting firm that provides services including start-up development and project management with an experienced international staff of e-commerce experts with expertise in: Online Dating, Home & Living, Fashion, Sports, FinTech & InsuranceTech.

We apply our start-up mentality, tools, and founding knowledge with a no-nonsense hands-on approach. Our experience in business creation allows us to provide the insights you need to operate your firm effectively and creatively. According to our view, if digital transformation is included into the change management agenda, companies may continue to reinvent themselves indefinitely.

Bill Gates once said “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in ten.”

Bill Gates

With this statement, we define GANDT Ventures’ approach to both business and technology trends.

We think that digital technologies are just one approach to a solution, not the only one. They may help organizations bring about change, efficiency gains, and visible market impact by providing solutions for problems they cannot address on their own. Therefore, our approach is to apply different digital technologies in ways that will help you innovate and create value.

What we do

We assist our customers and partners with advice, coaching, education and training, strategic and financial decision-making assistance, as well as fill the skills gaps that may exist in businesses with hands-on assistance.

Our strategy is to combine no non-sense consulting with project-driven operational assistance. Our objective is to help businesses of all types and at all stages in their development. As a result, we collaborate with corporations from a variety of sectors as well as business owners, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists.

The goal is for us to put you and your company in control of digital marketing challenges. At GANDT, we are not in the business of providing solutions; rather, we strive to show your organization how things may be accomplished with digital technologies.

Promote organizational change

GANDT Ventures takes a systematic innovation platform approach to support organizations develop their own. This enables our company partners to continuously develop new innovative goods and services internally. In addition, we aim to foster proactive natural change and innovation management within businesses.

We think that digital technologies and services should be part of every boardroom debate. As a result, we provide data-driven and pragmatic solutions to help c-level executives and boardrooms make better business decisions on digital issues.

Our central business hub is situated right in the heart of beautiful Zurich (Switzerland), from which we offer our services to Swiss and International SMBs and Startups.

On our website, you may learn more about the GANDT Ventures Team, our clients and services:

Of course, please do not hesitate to contact me as well: I’m excited to talk with you and learn more about the challenges your marketing department is facing.

Frequently asked questions

These questions are frequently asked in relation to GANDT Ventures:

When was GANDT Ventures founded?

GANDT Ventures was founded in Zurich (Switzerland) in 2015.

Who is GANDT Ventures CEO

Remco Livain CEO of GANDT Ventures GmbH.

Where are your offices located?

Our business hub and co-creation space (Dreikönigstrasse, close to Paradeplatz will launch in Q4 of 2021) are located in Zurich. Here, we work together with our clients, have room for workshops and meetups.

How can I apply for a job at the consultancy?

If you are interested in working at GANDT Ventures, go over to the to have a look at the open positions.

Is GANDT privately owned?

Yes, GANDT Ventures GmbH is privately owned and was founded as a bootstrapped company.

What services do you offer?

We offer marketing consulting services. These include marketing due diligences, opportunity- and media planning, organizational development support, and more.

What is the GANDT DNA. Program?

The GANDT DNA. program was developed together with the Swiss Retail Federation. It is a company development program that helps organizations make digital marketing an integral part of their DNA.

The program consists of three phases: Discover (opportunities planning), Navigate (you do it, we coach) and Accelerate (we speed things up and help out with your marketing operations).

The DNA. program is an integral part of how we work and deliver value to our partners.

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