Diary of an entrepreneur, by Remco Livain

This is my short form video diary. The diary of an entrepreneur. My name is Remco, I have been working in digital marketing since 2006. Every single role I have had so far, was entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurship is a part of my DNA, the way I live, my friends and acquaintances and daily work.

As the founder and managing CEO of GANDT Ventures, a digital consultancy from Zurich Switzerland, I face new challenges daily. Yet, I don’t think many people actually know what goes on inside my head.

For that reason, I would like to try out a new format. I have started a short form video diary, with the accompanying blog, to tell you a little bit more about my work life. This is me, unscripted, unstructured, raw. If you like it, come back regularly, add this page to your bookmarks and to your RSS-reader.

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