Project Unleash 12 in Zürich

Project Unleash 12 in Zürich

As of the first of February 2015 I joined the Unleash 12 team lead by Christian Dietsche & Daniel B. de Roos – as Chief Marketing Officer. Unleash 12 AG is a sports marketing company from Switzerland founded 2012 in Luzern. Through deep integrations with some of the worlds most prestigious and elite sportclubs (footballclubs) such as AS Monaco & PSV Eindhoven, we provide value for both the fans and sponsors alike – bringing them together on our tailormade dealplatform.

Give something back to the fans

The core idea of Unleash 12 is to give something back to the fans! The great network and partners of every club and athlete are used to bring amazing products and services to the fans, directly from their favourite club.For the first time, the sponsors and partners of a club or athlete have the opportunity to offer their products and services directly to the fans – giving them the opportunity to benefit from exclusive offers. For more information visit: or be on the look out for cool exclusive deals through the social media channels and official websites of your favorite club and/or athletes.

Move to Zürich (Switzerland)

In the coming few days I will pack up my bags and leave my beloved Munich. Munich has been great to me so far and I absolutely love this town. I am sure that I will be back here at some point, but who knows where this next adventure will take us. I am looking forward to the challenge and whatever will await me in Switzerland. My German phone number is out of order and if you would like to reach out to me, drop me an email and I will share my new contact details with you.

See you soon

Remco Livain