80% of your culture is your founder

80% of your culture is your founder

Here is some great bedtime reading I thought would be more than worthy of re-blogging and sharing.

As part of the core team of any business, it is key to understand the impact that your behavior has on the culture of the organization.

The article on first round describes what impact each and every founder  has on its organization, and includes a few great tips and things to think about for all entrepreneurs out there.

Have fun reading this and let me know what you think:


It's great to read back stories from years ago

As I am migrating my blog posts over from WordPress to Ghost, I go over every single short posts I've ever made. This one isn't particularly long, or exciting for that matter. But six years down the line, it does strike a nerve with me.

I never thought that the company I founded would be "all about me". And in retrospect, it probably isn't.

However, the core fundamentals and principles with which I started to work on GANDT Ventures in 2015, have remained fairly stable - and close to my own core values.

I have always wanted to empower others. I didn't want to be in the spotlight. Yet, regardless of whether I want to be, or not, I sort of still am. My daily operational decisions, resonate strongly with the team and can create waves of excitement, or disappointment.

A single voice can make a significant impact on the mood of a group, or even an organization with multiple locations throughout the world.

I am not sure I agree that 80% of the company culture comes from the founder(s). Yet, I do see that a founding team can make a big difference, ideally when it matters the most.

I'll go back to tagging and untagging my past posts, but I thought I would share these thoughts with you for a second.

Best, Remco (November 26, 2021)