Dropbox & Adobe make it easier to edit PDFs

Dropbox & Adobe make it easier to edit PDFs

There is one file format that I have never really truly understood… PDFs. The main “issue” that I have with them is that it is nearly impossible to edit these files nicely and quickly. Yet I use PDFs on a more than regular basis – especially for contracts and IOs.

Now it seems that the Adobe DC Cloud Solution is finally picking up and Dropbox and the likes have started to implement a few nifty features. One of which is the possibility to quickly and easily edit PDF files straight from your Dropbox.

PDFs are by far the most common file format stored with the could-driven storage service

What’s more, when you’re browsing files in Dropbox, you’ll have the option to open a PDF in the appropriate Adobe app to edit, e-sign, comment and markup the file as needed. And as you might expect, no matter how you open the document or which device you’re using, everything automatically syncs in Dropbox across desktop and mobile.

I thought that this would be a bit of information worth sharing with the world. From my part, I applaud it and it is good to see that some of the old fashioned industry standards are moving into the next era of digitalisation.

If you would like to read a little bit more about all the ins and outs of this last release, click on this link: Engadget Article regarding Adobe & Dropbox

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