Travel Impressions: Düsseldorf from up above

Travel Impressions: Düsseldorf from up above

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The last few weeks I have been travelling quite a bit, mostly short distances – one hour flights or bus/train trips between Switzerland, Austria and Germany with GANDT Ventures.

The time you spend travelling is usually a bit of a waste of time. Sure you can “work” a bit on an airplane, but you still lose valuable time in between – and most importantly, you are stuck without an internet connection for most of the journey.

Below you’ll find a few impressions of Düsseldorf from up above – of last week.

Düsseldorf from up above

duesseldorf am Rhein _2
Dossedorf am Rhein
duesseldorf gandt ventures remco livain
DUS-ZRH up in the clouds

All images were made with an Olympus OMD-EM1