My Apple Watch Series One is showing annoying snake… It does not charge, it does not turn back on!

Apple Watch Snake – nothing pretty about that

Apple Watch Snake – nothing pretty about that

Can anyone please help me? I have no idea why it does not simply turn back on again. I have tried charging it on three different sockets, my laptop and changed the cable…

This thing is driving me mad! I read on Reddit that some users have reported the same problems, and that for some their watches “magically” turned back on at some point… But to be honest, I don’t really want to wait, and pray for that to happen.

Apparently there are two fixes for this:

  1. Pray
  2. Go to the Apple Store and get a new watch… Because your battery is busted

So, what I did to deserve this? I took it off… For two whole weeks… That’s it. So if you like your Apple Watch and want to keep using it, just don’t take it off, charge it daily and treat it with the utmost care.

This snake is like the Apple Watch “Bluescreen” – I wish Microsoft would learn how to make its products prettier so I can go back to being a Microsoft Fanboy

Quick update 4 hours later… The snake turned green, which apparently means that it is charging… But nothing else has happened so far. I tried resetting (held both buttons down for over 10 seconds) the watch, but nothing happened…

I will leave it in the charger over night, maybe that will do the trick. Wish me luck, please 😪.

Update: 06/09/2016

So I left the watch in the charger over night, and guess what happened? The Apple Watch magically fired back up.

An absolutely ridiculously annoying bug apparently, and I will have to monitor the development closely. For now, I’m just glad it works again. I really did not feel like having to deal with a bunch of geniuses at the Apple Store. 😁

Update: 2018

I know that this post is still getting quite a bit of traffic, apparently you guys still have this problem. I could not stand it any longer and as soon as the series 3 apple watch came out, I decided to get rid of my old series one. That was by far the best decision I had ever made. The series three is responsive, finally does exactly what I would expect from an apple watch and I can leave my phone at home from time to time.

For those of you still struggling with the “snake-issue,” I can only suggest to toss it in the trash and wait for the series four to come out soon (or buy a series three as soon as the next generation is out – that is a great watch and you won’t regret it).