Google planning to release mobile search index as primary index

Google planning to release mobile search index as primary index

Not one, but two search index!

Today a number of new rumors hit the press about Google’s new Mobile search index. Search engine land, a trusted source for news on search engine optimization and anything to do with Google for that matter, has released some insights on a new Google search index that will solely serve mobile devices.

This means that Google will separate the mobile searches that we find on our mobile devices and tablets, from those that we see on regular desktop computers.

Search engine land go as far as to say that Google Will make this mobile search index its primary source of information and place the desktop index into the background a little bit.

This could mean that anything that we find in the mobile search index will be more up-to-date than the information that we find on our desktop computers in the long run.

Mobile as our first go-to place for new content?

Intuitive the this makes sense for news and Quick content, but longer more elaborate content pieces and websites will be indexed later on a separate index for desktop. The AMP pages that Google is currently pushing everyone to use fit perfectly into this plan.

Larger more complex websites simply take longer to index and Google will also need a bit more time to process all the information that is available on desktop PCs. In an ideal world, Google take its time to validate the content that hits the desktop index little bit more than that what we’ll find on the mobile index.

For many Google is the single point of truth when it comes to anything content related. It is the go to place for most of us, and it is important that Google keeps up its high quality standards when it comes to content.

Mobile Search Index by Google is coming soon
Not one – but two search index at google

What are the implications of a second mobile index?

There is one thing that I really like about this concept, and that is that it will probably make are web searches on mobile devices faster. Yet I am afraid that it will also make this source of information a lot more incomplete than the information that we find another desktop computers.

For us digital marketeers, it will be more difficult to simply create one type of content. It remains to be seen how we will be able to deal with duplicate content on mobile and desktop…

I am a little bit afraid that we will have to separate our SEO pages on mobile and Desktop in the future.

This is more than simply creating small content pages that are easy to index and read for Google and our potential customers, but it also means that e-commerce stores will have to think about how they build up their category pages, product pages and everything that comes with it.

At the end of the day I am sure that this will keep an entire industry very very busy and if this holds true, the implications will be immense on digital content marketing.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this in the coming few weeks and I will definitely keep you up-to-date with some more insights as soon as I have some more.