Blume 2000 acquired MIFLORA; a short personal thank you note

Blume 2000 acquired MIFLORA; a short personal thank you note

Last week Blume 2000 acquired my and our beloved MIFLORA. I am glad that we have managed to find such a strong and knowledgeable partner that values and believes in the strength of our MIFLORA-Team.

The support of the Venture Stars Team and our investors, who have been very patient and continued to put a lot of faith in us, has been grand. This allowed us to test a broad array of market hypotheses and develop floral products, packaging solutions and sales methods that this industry had not seen before.

As in any startup we have had our ups and downs, long sleepless nights and headaches. But the whole team has shown to be creative, flexible and persistent in pursuing a common goal: bringing beautiful products to our customers, day-in-day-out.

I have been especially impressed with dedication and perseverance of my fellow co-founder Tobias Mazet, who has continued to bring an unparalleled amount of energy to the table in the last few years.

I personally took a step back from my operational duties at the end of 2015 to focus my full attention on GANDT Ventures. But the full team has continued to strive and build upon the foundations that we had laid in the three years before that.

I hope that the MIFLORA-team will be able to continuously bring this positive energy to the table within the Blume 2000 group and explore new ways of bringing innovative floral products to many more customers. I thoroughly believe that we will continue to flourish and start a new, turbo charged chapter with Blume 2000.


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