Follow me on Medium

Follow me on Medium

It’s always good to try something new. So today I decided to give Medium a shot. As you know on this personal blog here I add a number of articles on topics that interest me or things that go on in my personal life.

Next to that on the GANDT aventures website I share some of my industry insights that I find fascinating, exciting or interesting. Most of these topics are quite technical and reflect my professional opinion.

I feel that there is room for one more blog or place where I would love to share my thoughts with you guys out there. That is why I’ve decided to become part of the active community on Medium.

Writing something that helps me clear my mind and is for me personally the perfect way to express my emotions

The Medium platform has been growing constantly over the last few years and the content on there is as much Curated as it is based on the things that you have read and that interest you.

I personally believe that the written word is something that helps me express my feelings very well. Writing short articles comes for more naturally to me then doing a vlog or podcast. And it is something that I can do on the go without needing to annoy people in public and I can just type away whenever I have a few minutes to myself.

I don’t want to mix up my personal social media accounts with quality blog content

Another reason why I am starting with the Medium account and I do not just simply use my Facebook account for these articles is that I believe that this is a better place for that content.

I do not want to annoy or spam my personal contacts with any type of blog or a long text that might not be of real interest to them. Of course they can choose to follow my blog or my medium account on dedicated topics. That makes a lot more sense to me then spamming him with things that don’t interest them.

That way we can keep Facebook for the cute baby and Cat pictures and we can have a look to see if we can use Medium for great high-quality content.

Will I continue to run this blog?

I will continue to run this website and my blog next to my Medium account as well for the time being. So if you would like to subscribe to the articles that I post here that I mostly personal feel free to do so of course.

Here you will find the link to my Medium account: My Medium Account and Profile