How professional social media have changed the job of HR-teams

How professional social media have changed the job of HR-teams

Good morning ☀️..! To start the week off well, I thought I would share some insights of an talk I held last week in Glarus at a bi-annual HR-directors meetup.

They asked me to speak about how professional social media networks (LinkedIn) can be used in recruitment processes – and how these networks will affect their HR-team structures (and tasks).


“The role of HR teams has changed significantly. What is expected of these teams is nothing like it was in the era before social media networks such as LinkedIn and XING.”
“A new type of HR employee is needed and as the gateway to your company, they will need help from other departments (Marketing and IT) as well, to keep up”

How do your HR teams use social media in their recruitment work?

Here is the link to the article on Medium: click here

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