Gadget: Second generation NEO 2 Smart – gotta start saving

I absolutely love my smart trainer. I think I actually spent more time on my smart trainer this year than I did out on the road. To some, this might be a little sad but I really love being able to ride whenever I want in any weather condition.

Next to that the combination of the tacx trainer and Zwift, is an absolute dream come true. I love the competitive nature of Zwift and I love to be able to join a race whenever I want and can.

A whole new way to do sports

When it comes to biking I am still a rookie. But this trainer has opened up a whole new world of sports to me. And I absolutely love being able to get the most out of my day and my own personal fitness.

All the more reason there is now for me to get a second job and save up a lot of money to get me this beautiful device. I am not sure if I am going to prolong my fitness club membership this year, but I know that I will definitely use that money in 2019 wisely 😉

By the way, I cannot believe that I didn’t find out about this earlier. To be honest I have no idea how long it has been out for. But at the end of the day doesn’t matter I absolutely love this company and I will continue to be an (free) ambassador for all of their products in the future.

Your first experiences?

For those who already have one, please leave a message or send me a link to a review if you have done one. I would love to find out more about your experiences with the second version of this great product – the tacx NEO 2 Smart trainer.

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