An Entrepreneur Must Communicate, Incrementally

Communication is incredibly easy. Especially the amount of communication: Just, over, do it.

Share your thoughts, share your work, talk about your challenges

When you communicate too much, no one is going to hate you for it. Communicating a lot, does not mean asking for someone else’s opinion every day, but it helps to share your thoughts on things proactively, tell and show others what you have done.

It inspires others to see what you have achieved. No matter how large or small, when you show that things are in motion, that is a good thing.

When to communicate

There are moments when I forget to communicate. Moments in which I think, I have got nothing to show for. But, if there is something I have learned from being an entrepreneur it is that I need to show my thought process. If I share the steps in between, my approach and way of thinking, that can and will inspire others.

Inspiring others is the key goal of any form of information flow. You need to inspire others of your work, your message and or your approach at all times.

What should you communicate

Some things are easier to communicate than others. Positive results are usually the easiest. At least, when these positive results did not come as a surprise. Incremental changes and progress are perceived as something positive.

When you know something big (might be or) is coming, you should tell others. You need to show your peers that you care. You need to show them you care about your own output and your work. Things can go wrong, your output might not live up to the expectations, but so what?

You cannot just communicate your wins; it is hard work to get to the finish line – and it is more than okay to sweat a little

Hence, I urge anyone to communicate in incremental steps, too. Tell others where you have come from, where you stand today and what your next steps will be. It is that simple. Just communicate.