Exciting week ahead: Monday brief

Exciting week ahead: Monday brief

An exciting week coming up, yet again. I can’t wait to get started, but I am not fully up for it just yet. So I thought I would jot down a few thoughts, and tell you what’s on my mind, before I get started and get lost in my entrepreneurial madness.

Want to know what my week will look like? Let me run you through it.

What’s coming up this week

Venture Building: This week we’ll finish the fine-tuning of one of the largest venture building projects we have done so far. In 2016 we started working together with one of the largest fashion distributors in Germany, who own not only distribute some of the worlds top denim brands but also run their own retail stores and own brands.

We have been in charge of the digital operations for the retail stores. And in the last year, we have been working on taking the distributors brands to the next level, with their own direct B2C-platform.

Of course, I cannot tell you which brand that is exactly, until we go live – but me and the team have worked really hard to launch the first site. Hence, it is exciting to see how all parts of the puzzle have started to come together. We are really close and will hit a significant milestone, once we’ve successfully deployed the product.

New Contacts: It is not every week that you get to kick off with a meeting with one of the most influential European CEOs of a Multinational. But, today is one of those days. I cannot wait for the meeting to start and discuss the future of wholesale business, digital direct sales and venture building.

A couple of trips: Tuesday and Friday are my travel days this week. One with one of our clients – one to visit one of our customers and discuss our project progress.

Onboarding new employee(s): Wednesday and Thursday are both working and training days. On the 1st of March, we welcomed two new additions to the team (Greet and Kathrin). The GANDT Ventures Team is growing and still looking for more amazing talent.

I know, that it is very important to kick off the on boarding process with a lot of management attention. Both to get to know the employees well, set the expectations right and spread out vision and mission in the most effective way.

The weekend was too short

With so many exciting things coming up this week, I could hardly wait to get started and nearly forgot about the fact that weekends are supposed to be “family time.” It feels as though the last 10 days were just one really really long week – but I guess that is part of the entrepreneurial game.

This weekend I’ll surely spend it with the family, though. I know that I need to plan ahead and schedule my spare time, but there’s nothing wrong with that. The next five days will be really intense, but I couldn’t wait to kick it off.

So here it goes: “Happy monday to all of you out there.”