Thoughts on: How to use word of mouth effectively to fuel B2B sales

Thoughts on: How to use word of mouth effectively to fuel B2B sales

B2B sales are not very easy to come by. It takes a lot of effort to work your way into the minds and hearts of a company and to promote your products. Therefore, it is important to come up with strategies that help you promote your B2B business effectively.

I have elaborated on some of the strategies and my thoughts on word-of-mouth marketing for B2B businesses in the short podcast below. If you would like to dive deeper into this subject or have some great ideas on how to do and promote B2B sales, leave your answers in the comments section below or reach out to me directly.

Podcast: Word-of-mouth B2B marketing

How to promote B2B products and services through word of mouth

Summary: Quite possibly the strongest asset a B2B salesman can have for his product or services is word-of-mouth “marketing”.

The reason I call it “Marketing” is that you CAN and should take a systematic approach to promoting word of mouth. Yet, this is something many sales reps tend to forget. The rely heavily on their own personal network (alone) for B2B sales.

When you are in B2B sales, you need to make sure that others speak about your services and products. As a salesman, you will want to extend your communication network to as many people as possible, promoting your product and services.

Why not start with your employees and colleagues in your organization?

Brand advocates from your own organization can help promote your products and services tremendously. Especially when it comes to B2B-sales, be sure to share your work. Give your colleagues a reason to be proud of working at your organization. Each and every single individual in your company can be that sales person you dream of.

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