My (Fri-)day of home office, a weird blessing

My (Fri-)day of home office, a weird blessing

If there is one thing Corona has taught me, with regards to my working routines, it is that I enjoy my morning rituals. There is nothing more fulfilling than starting the day with a fresh mind after a good nights sleep.

The last couple of months have forced me, and well… most of us, to change our daily routines.

But luckily, the situation has drastically improved in Switzerland. A bit of normalcy has returned to our lives. Bakeries and restaurants have re-opened and we are able to meet our peers and colleagues at work again.

The last two weeks have therefore been quite the change, for the better. Yet, I don‘t mind the fact that I can spend today at home – back in the home office I have dreaded time and time again during the pandemic.

Let me tell you why.

This is what my mornings look like

I generally get up early, around 6 am; at least, when I look at my friends and colleagues, that appears to be quite early.

My mornings are filled with reading up on the news, taking care of personal contacts (the occasional quick WhatsApp message to my friends), and if my schedule allows it, do an hour of sports.

This is „me time“. I need that. It helps me plan the day ahead and focus on nothing other than myself. This might sound slightly selfish, but I find this to be an extremely important part of my day.

During the day, I take care of my three C‘s

I would not consider myself to be a morning person, though. My late night working sessions are the ones in which I tend to be most productive.

Sometimes I wonder what I actually get done during the day. To a large extend, I spend most of my time awake on these three C‘s:

  1. coordinating,
  2. communicating, and
  3. contemplating

My role as the CEO of GANDT Ventures, the digital strategy consultancy I founded in 2015, „forces me“ to take care of daily business, of course. This involves both team coordination, client communication as well as the general chores that one can imagine come with the privilege of being the CEO of the company.

Thus the first two C‘s, take up most of my time at the office.

I’m contemplating, thinking about thinking

What I have come to value during the corona pandemic, is that I had a lot more time on my hands to contemplate about the future – what should we do differently, and how can we support those around us in these times of need.

Without my daily hour commute to work (and back) I had far more time to simply sit down and think.

Yet, I know that it is crucial to my own long term personal health and success, to take more time to do just that.

Can I stick with the Friday Home Office Routine?

Habits are hard to change. I want to be the first one in the office, get things done before everyone else and spend my day working with the team instead of working on my chores.

However, I do think it makes sense to install more „free“ time that I have to myself. To contemplate about the future, reflect on what has gone well and on which areas of the business- and myself I need to work to improve.

I am thoroughly enjoying my breakfast at one of our local bakeries in town, right now. And I do not want to take my pink glasses of, just yet.

So I am just going to enjoy my cup of Sencha Tea and get on with it.

Have a great Friday and don‘t forget to enjoy your mornings, too.

Best, Remco