The Mercedes EQS, my dream EV? Maybe.

The Mercedes EQS, my dream EV? Maybe.

I have been thinking about going electric for years now. Not merely because I want to contribute to lowering emissions. Electric cars are just very cool, tech and innovative. I am drawn to innovation and love 99% of all things that have a screen.

EVs make the air we breath a lot more enjoyable and give us a glimpse of what the future has in store for us.

Tesla, and Volkswagen’s diesel gate, paved the way. And boy has time flown by lightning fast in the last few years since Tesla revealed its first electric vehicle. They are still years ahead in their development, but Mercedes and the Volkswagen group mean serious business when it comes to EVs.

Competition is heating up

The launch of the new Mercedes Benz EQS (s-class) might very well be Tesla’s first real serious luxury contender; one that blows the competition out of the water in terms of range, luxury and comfort. It might not be the prettiest and most exciting car to look at, but I imagine it’s an absolute treat to drive and enjoy the enormous screen real estate inside.

I have always said that I would like to have an electric vehicle that can drive from Zürich to Amsterdam in one go, without having to charge (for 45-60 minutes) in between. For the very simple reason that I am from the Netherlands and live in Switzerland.

To be honest, it is not really a use case that happens every single week, or even every month. But I like the thought of being able to travel without taking too many unnecessary breaks.

My normal day trips to work, generally don’t surpass 100 km per day. At this point, any of the EVs on the market would fulfill my daily needs, perfectly fine. Yet, my dream of a long range electric car has kept me from seriously taking the current offer into consideration as an alternative to my trusted Skoda Kodiaq (Diesel).

I am scared of EQS’ price

EVs are expensive, especially compared to traditional petrol or diesel fueled cars. At least, they are more expensive to buy/lease. Tesla’s model 3 has lowered the bar considerably, but that car just does not speak to me at all.

I want to have a car in which I can store my beloved bike. Furthermore, I want to be able to take friends and family on longer trips whenever I want. The smaller and more affordable electric cars on the market, just don’t really fit the bill.

The new Nissan Ariya and the Skoda Enyaq could be good alternatives, though. I will certainly look into those when the EQS turns out to be (far) out of my financial range. Yet, I hope Mercedes Benz don’t go all “fancy-pansy-pricy” on us and make this fantastic vehicle an object of desire I will never be able to attain. I guess we’re only a few days out and will find out soon enough.

I haven’t been excited about a car for a long time. Yet, this Mercedes Benz has really caught my attention. I cannot wait to see it on the streets; to find out if it lives up to the promises.

Time to go to bed. Dream a little about our shared electric future. Good night.

The official Mercedes-Benz EQS trailer