Investing in relationships, doesn’t always pay off

Investing in relationships, doesn’t always pay off

There are so many days in the week… well, at least six that are not Monday’s. But on (any given) Monday I feel the urge to share my thought on the new, upcoming week – for whatever reason.

The start of the week hardly ever starts as I had imagined it to be. I guess that has little to do with how I plan my beginning of the week, but far more what others around me want to get off their chest after a long weekend.

I don’t really feel a big difference between week and weekend days, to be honest. Yet, I believe I might be somewhat alone in my views on that.

I enjoy every single day of my life and our journey. And I couldn’t care less what day of the week it is.

However, Monday’s never seize to amaze me.

Today, wasn’t the best of days. One of my key employees decided to take up a job elsewhere. Nothing unusual, but the timing could have been more favorable.

When you spend time in people, to get them up to speed and hand over responsibly, you hope that they will continue to become a strong part of the organization (or in your life), in the long run.

This time around, things didn’t work out as planned.

Moments like these make me rethink my decisions; what could I have done and more importantly, should I have done anything differently? Why did I want to invest in this relationship so badly, if the feeling wasn’t mutual?

Most of the times, there are more external forces ast play than I would like to recognize. People make choices based on their on (gut) feelings, other long(er) term relationships, friends, financial offers, and the prospect of things being greener on the other side of the fence.

Sometimes, an investment in a relationship simply doesn’t pay off. At least, not in the short run.

And that is okay.

But, so would’ve much rather started the week on a high note, something positive. That’s the life of an entrepreneur as well.

Tomorrow will be another day, a fresh start and a lot to look forward to; even when some things drain far more energy than they should, you cannot change them.

Life is in constant motion. That is a good thing. Not just for an entrepreneur, but for all of us.

Sleep tight… 😴