Why I’m switching my blog from WordPress to ghost

I love to write, it is an activity that helps me relax and put things into perspective. wordPress has been my go to CMS for years. I love the flexibility of the platform and the way that it create enables creators to be themselves, with no strings attached.

The versatility of the platform and the number of plug-ins that are available can be daunting. But I have always limited myself to the bare minimum. And I have tried to focus on the things that really add value to me.

I feel that WordPress has been holding me back creatively.

I have always try to find new tools to write more efficiently, and without clutter. I have tried writing tools like Ulysses, bear, IA rider–none of them came close to a satisfying writing experience. I started to dictate more of my blog posts. A tool like otter Ei is absolutely fantastic. And I also—in a very odd way—enjoy writing blog posts on my Apple Notes app.

The fact that I continue to search for the right place to write tells me that something isn’t the way it should be. I need a change of scenery. Not in terms of where I write, but in terms of which tool I use to write down my thoughts.

It is not about the writing app, though

It is easy to get lost in focus on the tool instead of the creative journey. What I have found out in the last few months, is that I want to write for others and not just for myself. I want to make sure that I leave an impact on peoples lives by sharing my story.

This is not just a way for me to work on my personal brand, but a way for me to communicate with others. Most importantly, it is a creative way that makes me feel comfortable, and I really enjoy.

That's why I am trying something new. Ghost seems like an interesting platform, mostly because it forces me to create content that will be sent to my readers, instantly.

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The pressure of direct publishing

When you write for your own little WordPress publication, you don't have the pressure of anyone seeing your content at the time of publishing. Of course you can share your content to social media (LinkedIn and IG, for example), but that is not the same. Most will like your posts without reading them. Sad, but true.

By publishing my thoughts directly to your inbox, I know that I will have to bring my A-game.

There is no hiding, here. I cannot publish mediocre content. I have to publish regularly for my supporters and subscribers. I love the fact that I have a goal with my content, somewhat of a higher purpose.

Thank you for joining me on my journey, and I cannot wait to read/see/hear your feedback.