Poll: Should consultancies show their prices on the website

Poll: Should consultancies show their prices on the website
Photo by Hunters Race / Unsplash

One quick poll at the end of the week: do you think consultancies should be transparent with their pricing policies? Or is every single project—and client—so unique and individual that it is impossible to standardize pricing?

One of the core principles of my consultancy is transparency. We don't differentiate our prices (wildly) between clients. Our time and output has a certain value, and we aim to reflect that in our prices.

However, one of my personal pain points in sales processes and RFPs is pricing. I wonder if it would be smart(er) to communicate all of our services and prices on our website — and thereby taking care of that question before going into the conversation with a new potential client.

In many cases, there is a disconnect between how companies would like to sell something, and how the customer would prefer to shop.

Online research and comparison are essential elements of the customer journey. And to a certain extent, I think that applies to any product or service.

Let me know what you think. I would love to find out if you believe all consultancies should publish their (rate card) prices and services openly on the www. Your opinion could certainly drive mine in the right direction.

– Remco