About the GANDT starter program for digital professionals and online consultants

About the GANDT starter program for digital professionals and online marketers. Find out more if you are interested in taking your career to the next level, or if you need help from online professionals in your organization.

About the GANDT starter program for digital professionals and online consultants
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What is the starter program?

It is a six-month traineeship that helps you learn how to become an all-around digital professional. This means that you'll have the opportunity to learn what it takes to work in digital innovation and online marketing, with all that it entails.

Which topics are addressed in the starter program GANDT

  • Marketing intelligence
  • Online performance marketing
  • You will learn to use the Meta and Google advertising products
  • Google Analytics
  • Tableau
  • And project management tools like Notion and Slack

Why do you offer a starter program?

As a group, we firmly believe that education is the way forward. It is important that we enable others to do the work that we can do. Help them acquire the skills they need to do things themselves. And work on digital innovation topics in the future, independently.

The program has two streams, namely an internal and an external one

The internal stream of the starter program is geared towards creating marketers and digital project managers who are able to work within the Gandt group. This means that they need to be at a certain level of expertise before they become fully fledged professionals at GANDT. The starter program prepares them for the work that they will be doing.

In a similar fashion, we offer the service to our clients as well. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right resources for their teams.

That is why we train for the skills that are required in the organizations that we work with. This allows potential new employees to gain the skills they need to do a really good job within the organizations themselves.

Who should do the starter program

If you're interested in digital marketing, digital project management, marketing intelligence, or online innovation, but feel that you do not have the skills of an all-around digital professional, just yet, then the starter program is for you.

Self study + operational work

What is important to note is that the program is not an educational program, solely. About 20 to 30% of the time is used for self-study — of course, we provide you with the study material.

The rest of the work and learning is done on the job with our GANDT professionals and consultants

You will be assigned a  mentor for each of the different skills that are required at the right time during your starter program. And, you'll be able to work alongside this specialist, or consultant, to game the insights into their lives/working days that you need to grow into your role as a digital professional.

Fair compensation from day one

We think it's important to pay fair compensation for the work that is being done. Even if, someone on the starter program is still learning, it doesn't mean if they don't add value to the group. That is why we pay a salary from day one.

If we both decide that it is a good fit, after the start of the program, the options are open to continuing a grow your professional career in digital innovation, digital marketing, online product management, or marketing intelligence on the GANDT team.

The most important thing is that we allow ourselves sufficient time to learn and become the digital professionals that we want to be. Helping each other along the way.