🌍 Why I Love Traveling for Client Work: A Marketing Consultancy CEO's Story 🌍

🌍 Why I Love Traveling for Client Work: A Marketing Consultancy CEO's Story 🌍
A matcha latte to go before a flight — always a good idea

Hey there! As the CEO of a marketing consultancy called GANDT Ventures, I spend quite a bit of time traveling for client work. With 60-70% of our revenue coming from outside Switzerland—mainly from the USA—I've had my fair share of travel experiences. And you know what? I absolutely love it! Let me share some of the best things about traveling for client work and how it has enriched my life and our team's marketing strategies. ✈️🌐

1. Soaking Up New Cultures and Perspectives
Traveling to different countries has given me a chance to really understand local cultures and consumer behavior. This helps us create marketing strategies that truly resonate with the target audience. It's amazing how much you learn from immersing yourself in a new environment. 🌎🧠

2. Discovering New Tools and Technologies
When we work with international clients, we get exposed to tons of marketing tools and technologies that we might not have come across otherwise. By adopting these tools, we can stay ahead of the game and better serve our clients. It's like a treasure hunt for marketers! 🛠️🚀

3. Time Zones: A Surprising Productivity Booster
Now, time zones can be tricky, but they also offer some unique advantages. I find that being able to focus on tasks during off-peak hours and sync with clients during their working hours can really help me get more done. It's all about finding that sweet spot! ⏰💼

4. Networking and Making Friends
One of the best things about traveling for client work is the chance to meet new people and connect with professionals in the industry. These relationships can lead to valuable partnerships, knowledge sharing, and even some lifelong friendships. 🤝🌟

5. Personal and Professional Growth
Exploring new places and cultures has really broadened my worldview, and tackling challenges that come with working with international clients has made me a better problem-solver. Travel is an incredible teacher! 🧭📈

6. Uncovering Local Marketing Gems
When I'm visiting a new place, I love to keep an eye out for local marketing success stories and innovative campaigns. These insights can spark creative ideas and serve as valuable case studies for future projects. 💡🏆

7. Work-Life Balance and Enjoying New Experiences
Traveling for client work also means I get to enjoy some downtime, explore new destinations, and indulge in local cuisine. These moments help me maintain a healthy work-life balance and can even serve as inspiration for future campaigns. 🍲🎉

So, there you have it! Traveling for client work has been an incredibly rewarding part of my journey as the CEO of GANDT Ventures. It's provided me and our team with invaluable experiences, insights, and opportunities for growth, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. 🌍💼

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