The Journey of GANDT Ventures: Building Companies for Sustainable Growth

Hello there, my name is Remco Livain, the proud founder and CEO of GANDT Ventures, a marketing consultancy firm based in Zurich, Switzerland. As we celebrate our eighth year in business, I thought it would be apt to share the story behind GANDT Ventures and what we stand for.

The Journey of GANDT Ventures: Building Companies for Sustainable Growth

The Genesis of GANDT Ventures

Our journey began back in November 2015, but the seeds of our vision were sown in the decade preceding that, as I found myself knee-deep in the throes of online marketing. I had the privilege of working in a variety of industries from dating services to home furnishings, to the bustling realm of direct-to-consumer retail. Every venture was a rich learning experience, be it establishing a flower delivery company or collaborating with some of the most successful founding teams.

These diverse professional undertakings allowed me to see the direct impact of strategic decision-making and the importance of hiring the right team. As I grew as a digital performance marketer, understanding the intricacies of Google, Meta, Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon, I honed a valuable set of skills that equipped me to enable and develop others. And from this realization, the concept of GANDT Ventures was born.

Our Approach at GANDT Ventures

Our mission at GANDT Ventures is to address a challenge that most traditional brands grapple with - creating a team setup with the right people at the right time for sustainable growth. Through digital marketing, we identified an array of opportunities for companies to leverage. Our focus is to guide scale-ups and traditional brands in harnessing these opportunities, assisting them in building a solid foundation for sustainable growth and organizational development.

As a 'marketing-first' company, we’ve moved beyond the boundaries of online marketing...

But, our approach is not merely that of a detached advisor. At GANDT Ventures, we believe in 'co-creation'. We embed ourselves into the organizations we partner with, working shoulder to shoulder with existing teams to demonstrate how they can integrate digital tools into their daily lives, effectively developing the organization from within. This hands-on approach is a testament to our commitment and passion for what we do, and it continues to be the core ethos of GANDT Ventures.

A Fusion of Strategic Consultancy and Performance Marketing

At GANDT Ventures, we believe in striking the perfect balance between strategic consultancy and performance marketing. In our experience, it’s not enough to have a good strategy or a strong marketing campaign; success lies in integrating the two. We assist our clients in understanding and leveraging the financial impact of sales traction and company growth.

The GANDT Ventures Team and our Global Presence

As of May 2023, GANDT Ventures is home to about 25 full-time employees and a vibrant network of freelance professionals whom we bring on board for various tasks. Each one of us is deeply committed to the success of our clients who come from diverse industries such as direct-to-consumer retail, medical and health, and energy and utilities.

Though our skills are not tied to a specific industry, we have developed a certain level of specialization through working extensively within these sectors. The insights we’ve gleaned have enhanced our ability to tailor solutions that fit the unique needs of businesses in these markets.

We also have a considerable international footprint, with one-third of our revenue stemming from Switzerland, our home market. Mainland Europe accounts for 20 to 30 percent of our business, while the United States contributes a significant 40 percent. This international presence has broadened our perspective and enriched our approach.

The GANDT Ventures Vision

Looking back, I can confidently say that GANDT Ventures is more than just a marketing consultancy company. It is a platform that allows me to live my dream, to work across various industries with incredibly talented people, and to make a real difference.

As a 'marketing-first' company, we’ve moved beyond the boundaries of online marketing, demonstrating to our clients that we have a broad skill set that they can rely on. We refer to our clients as partners, because in our journey together, we're much more than just service providers – we're their allies, their mentors, and their supporters.

For any organization seeking to harness the power of digital marketing, to build a sustainable growth model, and to unlock their true potential, consider this an open invitation to collaborate with GANDT Ventures. We’re excited to co-create with you, to be part of your journey, and to help you scale new heights.