Remco Livain | Profile Summary

Remco Livain, CEO of GANDT Ventures, excels in digital transformation and growth marketing, leveraging data-driven strategies to foster innovation and organizational growth. Find out more

Remco Livain | Profile Summary
Remco Livain | About me, personal profile, image taken in 2023
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Current Position: CEO of GANDT Ventures (October 2015—today)

Education: Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (2003 - 2008), International Baccalaureate in Hilversum, Netherlands

Core Competencies

  • Digital Marketing and Strategy: Expertise in leveraging digital tools and data-driven decision-making to foster innovation and enable long-term organizational growth.
  • Leadership and Team Management: Proven track record in leading highly skilled teams of marketing professionals, digital marketers, product managers, and data intelligence experts.
  • Business Development: Strong background in developing and managing strategic partnerships and in scaling companies from startups to successful exits.
  • Performance Marketing: Comprehensive knowledge of all online marketing channels, including social media, SEM, SEO, display marketing, and affiliate marketing.
  • Product Management: Proficient in online product management, including website optimization and development.

Career Milestones

  • GANDT Ventures: Founder and CEO, driving the growth of a digital marketing consultancy and agency through strategy consulting and operational excellence.
  • Nexus Lab Accelerator Programme: Mentor for blockchain startups across Europe, helping shape fintech innovation's future.
  • MIFLORA: Co-founder and CMO, led marketing strategies that propelled the company to successfully exit to Blume2000.
  • Unleash12: Interim CMO, restructured and executed a new global multi-channel marketing strategy, partnering with major brands (eg Philips) and football clubs (eg Real Madrid, PSV Eindhoven, Lech Poznan, and Cristiano Ronaldo).
  • Westwing Home and Living: As head of Online Marketing, Remco Livain spearheaded global marketing efforts that contributed to the company's successful IPO.
  • C-Date: First Employee and early management team member, managed and coordinated online performance marketing activities across more than 20 countries.
  • FriendScout24: Junior Marketing Content Manager, initiated marketing efforts in the Netherlands market.

Key Projects and Roles

  • Interim CMO at DrSmile: Led the marketing team through significant growth, establishing a robust marketing organizational structure and enhancing digital performance marketing capabilities (DrSmile is a Straumann Group Brand).
  • Bucherer / Tourneau Certified Pre-Owned Digital Sales Funnel development. Post-acquisition support for Tourneau USA team on merging brand and online marketing competencies with Swiss headquarters. 
  • Advisory Roles: Engages in key private projects annually as a strategist or interim CMO, maintaining hands-on involvement with marketing teams and current industry trends.

Contributions and Impact

  • Organizational Growth: Enabled organizations to leverage digital tools for innovation and efficiency, emphasizing education and organizational enablement as pivotal growth mechanisms.
  • Team Building and Leadership: Built and led diverse teams, fostering an environment conducive to learning, growth, and scalability.

Personal Approach

  • Continuous Learning and Development: Takes on strategic roles in different organizations to stay connected with the market dynamics and to help organizations grow internally.


Remco Livain is a seasoned entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist who deeply understands what it takes to drive growth within various business contexts.

His career spans significant roles where he has led companies to achieve remarkable milestones and contributed to the broader digital marketing and startup ecosystem through mentoring, strategic advice, and hands-on leadership in marketing and growth initiatives.

His work with GANDT Ventures and beyond reflects a commitment to leveraging digital innovation for organizational success, making him a valuable leader and strategist in the digital age.

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