Why you won't see me in an Apple Store any time soon

Apple has recently released updated iPads with an impressive form factor and performance. However, I won't be rushing to an Apple Store to get one.

Why you won't see me in an Apple Store any time soon
Me running to the nearest Apple Store for "the next big thing"

Apple has brought out some newly updated iPads. And this is probably the first time in years that I didn't feel compelled to comment on them, straight away. 

The form factor is magnificent. I love the thin and sleek design aesthetic. The color palette is boring as always, but I wouldn't want to have it any other way anyway. Any matt silver or black option will do the trick for me. 

The performance and functionality offered by these new iPads, combined with their elegant design, make them a must-have for any tech enthusiast, though. And if there is one device I love more than anything, it is probably my iPad. 


I've just recently sold my 2018 12.9" iPad, because I simply wasn't using it enough. And my M1 10.9" from a few years back is still in stellar shape. The only time I could do with a little bit more power (and battery power especially) is when I use Lightroom to process the RAW images from my camera. 

Yet, this is also not the biggest of problems. Nine times out of ten I will be sitting at home, with a charging cable close by to keep my iPad juiced up when using Lightroom. That app is just an incredible battery drain for some reason. 


I will not be handing in my M1 iPad to upgrade to the best in class iPad Pro 2024. 

  • I really don't care about the camera angle when I'm using it. 
  • The battery on my old one is still great. 
  • Shelling out 1500–1700 CHF for an iPad + Keyboard is too expensive if it doesn't solve any real world problems. 
  • iPadOS is the limiting factor for most of the things I would like to be able to do. 
  • And... for what I use my iPad I really don't need any more power! It is the perfect email/CEO-productivity machine as it is. 

Of course...

I would love to hold a thinner device in my hands. One of the reasons I love using the iPad over my MacBook is the weight and feel of the device. Screen real estate isn't the biggest driver, but weight certainly is. 


I have to admit that I would not want to go into an Apple Store right now and hold one in my hands, and be persuaded to still find a way to sell my current device and upgrade. It would be tempting if it is significantly lighter than my current 11" model. So my strategy is: simply stay away from the Apple Store for a few weeks. Wait until the reviews start to die off and rumours start to drop about the next version that I might really need. 

For now... 

I will just continue to enjoy my iPad as it is. I'm writing these words on it right now as well. No ChatGPT, just my own simple sentences, full of honest spelling mistakes and random thoughts. 

Thanks for reading my thoughts 🙂