How Juventus are leading the way for Football Clubs on Social Media

How Juventus are leading the way for Football Clubs on Social Media
We play published a strong article on how European Football Clubs – especially Juventus in this particular case – are using social media to engage with their fans. Juventus have a long history of Italian and international football and a strong following. The “old ladies’ fans” are very dedicated to their club and social media is a great tool to reach out to them on a regular basis.  

The use of hashtags around single players, works well for Juve. It seems obvious that it is easier to engage upon a conversation with someone when discussing a single player, more than a full football club. Juve have found that using single player/athletes communication drives the engagement significantly. With nearly 2 million followers and fans in social media, this shows to be a good strategy.

#PirloIsNotImpressed super hashtag

Another unique part of the digital strategy of Juventus is creating competitions and hashtags based entirely around players. Choosing perhaps their most globally appreciated star Andrea Pirlo, the club posted a video in a Britain’s Got Talent style challenging supporters to send in their own attempts to impress the midfield maestro with the hashtag #Pirloisnotimpressed, thereby engaging with the club online.

You need great players with “character” to make this work of course. A player such as Andreas Pirlo is not only one of the best players on the pitch, but a strong character around and off the pitch as well. The Juventus fans absolutely adore him.

To date after only 5 days this hashtag has had a reach of 2.5 million and been delivered into 7.3 million timelines (via In terms of exposure it is another major success.

User generated content is key

With the club having some of the most passionate fans in the world, Juventus focused on encouraging user-generated content that would be sharable. They did this by calling on supporters to design their own fan choreography for a stand in the Juventus Stadium and upload it via a Facebook application. The club offered the winner a chance to see their design become a reality ahead of a huge game between Juve and Inter, a rivalry so intense their games are dubbed ‘The Derby d’Italia’.

With the dire state it has been in since the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal of the mid 2000s, Italian football has not had much to shout about.

Interesting, unique content is essential in a good social marketing mix. The power of user generated content cannot be underestimated. Juventus have understood that social media are not just another push marketing channel that helps you to spread a single message out into the world, but an integral part of any marketing engagement strategy. Conversing with fans helps them to understand your marketing message even better and raises the willingness of word-of-mouth promotion of your product or service.

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