Direct mail still works if you avoid common mistakes

Direct mail still works if you avoid common mistakes

Direct mail works, if the target group makes sense and is not advertised to, too much. It sort of makes sense, everyone wants to be part of a close(d) community. Furthermore, it is important to create a sense of exclusivity and <insider> knowledge.

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Source: Direct mail still works if you avoid common mistakes

When you are part of this particular group of people, on a mailing list or any other form of communication, you will be more knowledgable about a certain topic than others.

Direct mailings can be a strong asset to have and a great way to communicate to others what it is that interests us and what we are working on. It might be more sustainable than Instagram or Facebook, and gives us a direct way of communication with potential clients and your professional network.

Do direct mails really make sense? Or is it time for another medium?

The question I do ask myself, is whether email or mail as a medium are the way to go in the years to come. Would it make more sense to set up a WhatsApp or closed Slack-Group people can join for insights? I am torn between starting a new mailing list of services as a growth hack, or focusing my attention on entirely different mediums of communication.

As email is still one of the most used communication medium in companies (large and small), it might still be worth spending time on. Yet, it is the one thing I have been trying to get away from for years… A bit of a dilemma.