is absolutely amazing is absolutely amazing
I recently discovered and am fascinated by it. It is such a powerful tool that makes my life so much better. Read, and listen to, the Otter recording and transcript below.

PS: I didn’t change a single word in the transcription.

Otter is absolutely amazing, just listen to the audio file and read through the text below.

Otter AI transcription of my recording

Hey guys, I absolutely love otter AI, it’s one of the tools that I’ve just recently found out about, and it solves so many problems for me that I don’t even know where to start. First of all, I write quite a bit of blog content, but I know that using speech recognition is so much faster than typing every single word out on my computer or on my tablet. That’s why I dictate a lot of what I want to write down and what I want to say.

Yet, it’s not always perfect, and it takes quite some time and getting used to saying exactly what you want the punctuation to be like, such as when does a sentence end, where do I place a comma. How do I highlight a certain area of a sentence. And the great thing about this tool is that I can just speak freely.

It records my, my voice, and at the same time, it takes a very very decent transcription of everything that I would like to talk about. Now, I’ve been using this with my clients and within the team for a number of weeks now, because I’ve really wanted to try out to see what the features are exactly and how we can use it on a daily basis. And a lot of people actually love it. It’s very convenient.

You just hit the record button, and that’s basically it, it just takes notes. And sometimes I hit the highlight button on my phone, or on the right bottom corner, which is also great because then I know that I can skip back to a certain section of where something was said in a conversation, and that really makes it super easy to share some notes after a meeting.

But my favorite feature are probably the automatic tags. So what happens is after the company after a conversation has been taped and it’s in your done. Otter AI processes everything that has been said, and it filters, all the different blocks of content by who said it so you can actually tag the people, first of all, so he just and it learns of to recognize your voice and that of others as well on the team, so you know exactly when did my partner say something when did one of my colleagues say something and when did you say something that really makes a big difference because it helps you to skip through and skim through your notes, very easily.

Now, getting back to the tags. After it has processed the full conversation it skims the text for words that have been used frequently such as idea, or to do list, or a certain concept that keeps recurring in the conversation and it highlights these elements, which really helps out to simply skip through the right parts of the conversation where you say: Hey, this is a To Do we have to do or could you put this on our, on our project list, because then the tag project list will just, or the word project will just show up at the top of the page you click on that and it shows you within the conversation every single point of where that was said and used something you simply don’t have to think about something that just works and it eliminates a lot of the work that has to be done to collect two dues or consolidate learnings from conversation or a call for the rest of the team.

So what I’ve started to do is just simply share a link to the audio file or a link to otter AI of that conversation, and let people sorted out for themselves. That then go through the conversation listening to it and determine what they think is important to keep and tag. I don’t know exactly

if I can manage to get the full team to use this for all of our conversations and all of our meetings, but it is something that I’ll continue to explore for sure, and I am definitely going to keep using it, even if it’s a little bit expensive. So far, the only pricing model that I’ve seen is that it costs about $20 per seat on a team on the team, pro version, per month, which is $240 a year, and at our team size we’re now about 25 on the team that is quite a big investment.

And I’ll have to see if everyone wants to use it, or if there are just some people on the team, who would love to use this tool. For me it’s an absolute time saver. I love using it for meetings. I love using it to create blog content, such as this post that I’m just going to post right from the transcript as it is without making any changes to it, and I will definitely keep you up to date on new product updates and things that you can do with it, because I simply love it. It’s as simple as that.

Well I hope you have a great day and enjoy your weekend, that’s up and coming. I’m off for today. I’m on my way to the south of Switzerland to visit my wife and her family, who are staying at a hotel there which is great, and I can listen to one of the auto conversations of my team members that they recorded in the last few days, while I’m driving in the car for the next three or four hours. So I’m looking forward to that. It’s like a professional podcast, and just absolutely amazing. So speak soon, and take care, bye bye.

This is not a perfect blog post

Of course it isn’t. The formatting is all wrong, the sentences are too long, there is no clear structure to the story or my paragraphs. I could have easily added some H2-headings and re-shuffled the content to make it work, though.

Fact of the matter is, it took me 15 minutes to compose and publish this blog entry. And the text contains more than 1100 words. If anything, this is far more natural than anything I could have typed up.

If you would like to try out Otter for yourself, click here to get a free month’s subscription. I don’t get paid if you click on the link, just trying to make your life a little easier here. 🙂

Click here to go to Otter AI and get a free month subscription